Why Use a Real Estate Professional?


Have you wondered what benefit a real estate professional brings to the table when selling your home?  Let's take a look.

Successfully selling your property is a very complicated process, one that most people are not as familiar with as they might think.  When you hire a real estate professional, you will receive a wide variety of benefits, not the least of which is experience, connections and contacts, plus other unique resources not readily available to an individual homeowner.  You will gain a wider exposure to all the potential buyers, even those out of the area who may be relocating.

It has been proven that 88% of buyers search online for their next home, and real estate professionals use internet strategies to reach those buyers.  Knowing what type of advertising will bring the best results is a valuable asset to your transaction.  Your real estate professional knows just which ways to market your property to get you the most exposure, and listing in the Multiple Listing Service and major Internet websites is one key to finding the right buyer.  Most of those resources are only available to licensed subscribers.  Unless your buyer specifically looks on one of those "For Sale by Owner" sites, your house may never be seen by them.  Agents cannot show your home to their buyer clients if it is not visible on the places where they search.

How about pricing?  Do you really know for sure how much your home will sell for in today's market?  This is where your real estate professional can especially guide you, researching the market, comparing "apples to apples" of like properties to your own, knowing how to adjust for factors that increase or decrease the market price your home will sell for.  A house will only sell for what a willing and able buyer is willing to pay, and your real estate professional will know how to help you decide a price range where that dollar amount should fall.  It has been proven that sellers net 13% more proceeds when selling their home using a real estate professional.

Want to reduce the amount of time your property sits on the market before a buyer makes an offer?  Hire a real estate professional!  With their extensive network of industry professionals, contact lists of former clients and newly qualified buyers, as well as marketing techniques such as what we've already discussed, your home will be SOLD much more quickly than doing it FSBO!  And most FSBOs never sell at all!

Have you also considered that your motivation as a FSBO to save $$$ by not paying a real estate professional's commission is the same motivation a buyer feels when offering you less for your property than what it could be worth if you paid that commission?  Buyers are looking for a bargain too and when considering a FSBO, they often think they can offer less because you are not paying the commission and will therefore sell your home for a lower dollar amount.  Remember I stated that sellers net 13% more proceeds when selling with an agent?  Well, I don't know of anyone who charges 13% commission so that certainly puts you ahead of the game in proceeds when your home sells, don't you think?

Most buyers will also come to you with an agent because they want representation.  They do not want to go through the process of buying a home directly with a seller they do not know.  They want someone they've come to know and trust to represent them because they know that person will be looking out for their interests, someone who is professional, objective and not emotionally connected.  You of course are looking out for your interests, and rightly so.  But that is why you want to hire a real estate professional.  Your agent will represent you, look out for YOUR interests, be that unemotional and objective party for YOU, and handle all the details along the way!

Speaking of details, here are just some things that you will encounter before getting to the settlement table:

♦ The buyer of course!

♦ The buyer's agent because most buyers will have one

♦ The bank

♦ The escrow process

♦ The Inspection Company

♦ Negotiating the Buyer's requests for repairs

♦ The Appraiser

♦ The Attorney or Title Company

Another key advantage of hiring a real estate professional is the safety and security they bring to showings.  Each real estate professional who shows your home will only bring pre-screened buyers through, and they will supervise the showing, making sure your home is secure when they leave.  Real estate professionals have systems in place to arrange for showings, lockboxes and signs that assist with this process, and always show your property according to your specific instructions.  Your real estate agent will discuss this with you at the time of listing your property so your instructions are clear.

These are just some of the ways your real estate professional will assist you in getting your property SOLD!!  So, are you ready to net 13% more on the sale of your property?  If so, Contact me TODAY!!

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