The Colors of Autumn are Here...

Home Improvement

Even though I love summer and never quite want to let it go, I do so love the change of seasons, the cool, crisp air of Autumn, and the beauty of the changing colors in the trees!

This is also the season to be thinking about preparing your home for the cold months of Winter. 

♦ Soon you should make sure your irrigation system is winterized so no pipes freeze and break, creating problems and expense for you in the Spring. 

♦ You might want to check caulking around windows, seals around doors, and securing or storing away outdoor furniture that needs to be protected. 

♦ Swimming pools of course need to be winterized at this time of the year.

♦ Autumn is also a time many people do some deep cleaning, power-washing siding, washing windows, hosing down sidewalks. 

♦ It's also a good idea to check for insect nests that may have been built over the hotter months and knock them down and dispose of them.  Check those sophets high up on your home and covered areas where wasps and other flying insects like to make nests.  Use caution when removing these though in case they are still active.  Wear protective clothing to prevent an attack from an angry insect!

♦ Painting fencing, staining decks, touching up shutters, doors and other trim is also smart to do now before the bad weather of winter sets in.

Remember to get out and enjoy the beauty of the season too!