Open House when Selling Your Home-Yes? or No?


You might have mixed emotions about Open HousesYou’ve probably heard that they work, or at least think they must work since they are commonly held when selling a house.

You probably aren’t against them necessarily…but, at the same time, there’s a good chance that you aren’t entirely keen on people just walking through your house when selling it.  If several people arrive at once, it can be difficult for your agent to accompany each one at every moment. 

So, you might be torn about whether or not you want to have any Open Houses when the time comes. It is actually a bigger decision than many people make it.

Will the people coming through be qualified? Serious? Or just nosy neighbors? Will it be worth it? Will it produce a buyer? Or will it be a waste of time?

There’s no definite answer to any of these questions.  Real estate agents as a whole seem to be on opposite sides of the fence about it.  Some real estate agents swear they work and are worth doing…and almost insist that your home be held open when you are selling.  On the other hand, some agents swear they are an entire waste of time and don’t do anything to actually get your home sold, and those agents almost refuse to hold Open Houses.

My position is right in the middle of the spectrum.  An Open House can be worth having and can produce results, but there’s no guarantee that anything will come out of holding one…or two…or a dozen.  It depends on a lot of factors: the house, the price, the overall market, how long the house has been on the market, the actual buyers looking, even the timing and marketing exposure.

So, I can’t promise that an Open House will definitely be worth your time.  I have held Open House events that actually brought the buyer for the house, and I have had events that not even one person came through to see the place!  What it boils down to for me is simply this… What do YOU, my client, want?

If YOU believe it will help get YOUR house SOLD, and you want me to hold an Open House…I certainly will!  If YOU don't want one, that is fine too…many houses are SOLD without any Open House events at all.

So, out of curiosity…what is your preference?  Would you want Open Houses, or not?  (I’d love your response for an informal poll I’m doing, and to know how to personally serve you best when the time comes.)  Click here to let me know your thoughts, and Thanks!