Let's Talk About Marketing YOUR Home for a Win-Win


Did you know that Marketing YOUR Home Effectively is the Most Crucial Element to Getting it SOLD for Top Dollar? 

When you list your home with me, I use every marketing method necessary to get your home the exposure it needs to find YOUR ideal buyer.

From targeted social media advertising, various direct marketing efforts, specific personalized contact with interested buyers, direct mailings and flyer distributions, to effective Open Houses, my marketing efforts combine each and every available resource to get YOUR home SOLD quickly and for Top Dollar!

Using my own marketing dollars to provide these services to YOU, the only thing I collect from you, the Seller, is my one-time fee.  BUT, let me show you how that one-time fee is distributed and paid out to me:


(The figures on this video are based on a home sale price of $150,000 but you get the idea how this would work for any sale price.) 

Let me go to work for YOU and see how my marketing dollars can maximize the fee you will pay for me to sell YOUR home for Top Dollar!

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