It Starts with a GREAT Agent...


What does it take to sell YOUR home for Top Dollar? It starts with a GREAT agent.

Using The Keller Williams Belief System as a model ...

I’d like to share with you the things that I believe make a GREAT agent!




Win-Win: Or No Deal

Houses are SOLD by bringing together a ready-willing-and-able buyer and a motivated seller.  A GREAT agent will know just how to negotiate so everyone WINS! 

Integrity: Do the Right Thing

Real estate is complex, and legal questions arise on a frequent basis. A GREAT agent has the knowledge and resourcefulness to help you navigate them, to make sure you avoid any legal pitfalls. 

Customers: Always Come First

A great agent will always put YOUR needs FIRST and work toward achieving YOUR goals!

Commitment: In All Things

You need someone on YOUR side who’s working in YOUR best interests in a competent and effective way. 

Communication: Seek First to Understand

A GREAT real estate agent will take the time to listen and understand YOUR needs and assist you in achieving YOUR goals.

Creativity: Ideas Before Results

Real estate is a business that moves quickly, especially when the market is hot. A GREAT agent will think creatively in marketing YOUR home for you.

Teamwork: Together Everyone Achieves More

A great agent will keep you updated on the progress of YOUR transaction on a regular basis, and they will be available when you need them. (within reason of course)

Trust: Starts With Honesty

A great agent will serve as YOUR trusted advisor, guiding you through all the decisions you’ll make when selling your home.   

Success: Results Through People

I’d love to show you the kind of GREAT results I can provide to get YOUR home SOLD for Top Dollar! 

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