Homeowner Tips for Gardening with Flowers

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Gardening with Flowers can be so enjoyable and rewarding!  Here are some tips to get you started.

  • First off, go to your local garden center and peruse the plants that are available.  Speak with someone who works there to get recommendations for the heartiest plants for your area.
  • Consider perennials that return every year, but mix in some annuals for vibrant color.
  • Plan out the plot where you will put each item.  Drawing this out on graph paper can be particularly helpful to design a garden.
  • Taller plants should be located toward the back of the garden, with shorter ones in front. 
  • Consider planting in groupings not rows.  Groups of similar plants and colors can give a very appealing look to your garden.
  • Leave some open areas throughout the garden so as the plants grow, it doesn't become over-crowded.
  • Be sure to fertilize at least once during the growing season.  There are many good plant-specific foods available for feeding.  Also consider using a planting mix that is specific for growing strong, healthy plants.  I personally like the Miracle Grow planting mix.
  • Watering is vital to your growing garden, so make sure to give your plants at least one inch of water every week.
  • Be sure to keep control of weeds, pulling them out with their roots as often as possible.
  • Use mulch around your plantings to keep weed growth down and retain water in the soil below.
  • Pinch off dead and dying blooms as you see them; this is called deadheading.
  • Take time to stand back, look at and enjoy your beautiful garden!

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