Combatting Buyer's Remorse


So you've done your research.  You've investigated neighborhoods and school districts, and looked and looked at those homes that tickled your fancy, and you found the one you love!  That perfect place you want to call HOME!

After sitting down and writing your offer, thinking about how exciting it will be to move into your new home, you have designated this as one of the happiest days of your life…so exciting!

The next morning, however, you might find yourself second guessing the whole thing.  Did we pay too much?  Is this really the right house for us?  How will we ever scrape up enough to pay those enormous mortgage payments?  Can we get out of it?  Is it too late?  Are we crazy?

Welcome to what's commonly known as Buyer's Remorse.  It's just about as universal as the common cold, so don't feel like you are alone in these feelings.  Relax!  Everything's going to be okay.

It's time to dig in and get to work getting things in order for settlement and preparing for your move.  There will be paperwork to sign, documents to provide to your lender, home and other inspections to schedule or attend, but don't let these things overwhelm you.  You're in good hands with all the professionals who are guiding you through. 

So sit back, remember why you wanted to buy a house in the first place, then pop open the bubbly and congratulate yourself!

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